MYM #002: The Power of Consistency and Resilience in Investing

Jun 26, 2023

Let’s talk about a vital lesson in investing—one that transcends market timing, perfect investments, and complex strategies. It's a lesson about the power of consistency and resilience, and how every dollar, month after month, can shape your financial success for decades to come.

Monthly financial decisions can have a profound impact on your future. Understanding the true drivers of success in investing can help you navigate the volatile market and build a solid financial foundation.

Most people fail in investing because they chase quick wins, attempting to time the market or find the perfect investment opportunity. 

Consistent, long-term success is built on a different approach—one that values steadfastness and resilience.

Let's break down the key points that highlight the path to successful investing:

  1. Staying the course
  2. Know that you will lose at times
  3. Time is your ally



Stay the course and commit to consistency.

Consistency is the secret sauce that sets successful investors apart. It's not about making one grand investment; it's about putting in regular contributions, even if they seem small at first. Over time, those consistent efforts add up and compound, resulting in significant wealth accumulation.


Embrace loses and the power to be resilient.

Markets are bound to experience ups and downs, but the key to success lies in your ability to weather those storms. Maintaining a long-term perspective and sticking to your investment plan during market downturns can help you ride out the volatility and come out stronger.

Don't allow short-term event derail you long-term goals. Since 2000, the S&P500 has experienced some wild period.

  • Dot-com Bubble (2000): -49%
  • Global Financial Crisis (2007-08): -56%
  • Flash Crash (2010): -9% in minutes
  • COVID-10 (2020): -34%

Yet, from March 3, 2000 to June 20, 2023 the S&P500 returned +211.64%

Invest with vision, not reaction.


The power of compounding.

The true magic of investing lies in the power of compounding. By investing monthly and reinvesting the returns and dividends generated from your investments, your money can grow exponentially over time. The earlier you start, the more time your investments have to compound and create wealth. 



Actionable Tip: 

Start automating your investments. By setting up automatic contributions to your investment accounts every month, you eliminate the temptation to time the market or get swayed by short-term market movements. Consistent monthly investments will become a habit, reinforcing the power of consistency in your financial journey.



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